Delivering as one

Delivering as One (DaO) is the UN system’s response to the global reform process on aid effectiveness. It builds on the reform agenda set by UN members states, which aims to increase the coherence, effectiveness and relevance of UN operations in the field.


In Liberia, the main objective of the Delivering as One initiative is to enhance the UN system’s impact, by building on the achievements to date,increasing Government ownership, delivering more coordinated, effective and efficient assistance to the country, and ensuring a smooth transition of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).




The vision of DaO in Liberia is that of a unified UN which jointly carries out planning and implementation of activities by drawing on the full technical capacities of all UN Agencies and the UN Mission. This will result in the UN maximizing its delivery, as well as the quality and impact of the assistance it provides to the Government and people of Liberia.


Key Benefits of DaO


  • Enhance national leadership and ownership through the introduction of One Programme and One Budgetary framework. This will reinforce the Government’s monitoring and oversight capacities, provide a transparent overview of UN activities and financial arrangements, and ensure accountability.
  • Position the UN more strategically in areas where it has a distinct comparative advantage, allowing it to be a more effective development partner.
  • Increase the collective impact of UN interventions through more coherent, coordinated and focused strategies and programmes.
  • Improve donor coordination, increase access to additional resources and reduce inter‐agency competition.
  • An empowered UN leadership enables the UN to speak with one voice, and provides the Government access to the UN through a single entry point.
  • Increase efficiency in the provision of common services and support to programming, and reduce transaction costs.

For more information on DaO in Liberia, contact:

The Delivering as One Support Team: Integrated Office of the DSRSG(R&G)/Resident Coordinator
Focal point: Sagitjan Aytjanov or