What we do

The United Nations in Liberia has enhanced integration by creating joint management structures, jointly planning and implementing programmes and undertaking joint operations in several areas.

The Government/Donor/UN One Programme Steering Committee on Delivering as One


A Joint Steering Committee made up of Government, donor and UN representatives will provide strategic guidance and overall leadership to the Delivering as One process. It will ensure that the change process supports the Government’s National Vision and priorities, and is aligned with the principles of the Paris Declaration and other aid effectiveness commitments. The Steering Committee will meet at regular intervals to discuss critical issues and make policy decisions to facilitate One Programme implementation.

The Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, together with the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG), with delegated authority to the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (DSRSG)/Resident Coordinator, will co-chair the Steering Committee.

The Delivering as One UN Management Structure


Responsibility for the overall management and oversight of the internal planning and implementation   processes for the One Programme will be assumed by the following, existing coordination mechanisms, referred to collectively as the DaO UN Management Structure.

The Strategic Policy Group and the United Nations Country Team


The Strategic Policy Group (SPG) is the highest decision-making body within the UN system in Liberia, and includes UNMIL Heads of Sections and the Heads of all UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes. It is chaired by the SRSG, who has delegated authority to the DSRSG/Resident Coordinator to take the lead on the development and implementation of the One Programme.


The expanded UN Country Team (UNCT), which consists of UN Heads of Agencies, Funds and Programmes and Heads of key UNMIL sections, will make the day-to-day decisions and oversee reporting and management of the One Programme. Relevant issues will be raised at the SPG for final approval. The UNCT is responsible for reporting on Delivering as One and One Programme implementation to the Delivering as One Steering Committee.

One Programme Pillar Groups


The day-to-day management of the One Programme will take place within the One Programme Pillar Groups (UNPG). Each UNPG brings together the UN Agencies, Funds, Programmes and UNMIL Sections engaged in and contributing to that Pillar. The UNPG will be convened by the Head of the UN entity that is identified as Convenor in that sector. The UNPG   Convener regularly reports to the UNCT.

Outcome Working Groups


All Outcome Working Groups (OWG) will comprise programming staff, who will provide technical level assistance to the UNPG, manage the development of workplans, and ensure implementation of planned  activities. 

The Inter-Agency Programming Team (IAPT)


The Inter Agency Programming Team (IAPT) consists of representatives of the Outcome Groups. It is      responsible for the design and overall management of the One Programme and One Budgetary Framework, which includes all the preparatory and intermediate steps leading to its formulation, finalization, approval and implementation. It provided strategic guidance and oversight to all programmatic processes related to the previous UNDAF such as the Review of the Joint Programmes, the Mid-Term Review of the Country Programme Action Plans of agencies and the UNDAF Mid-Term Review. Monitoring of the implementation of the One Programme will take place at this level. The IAPT reports on One Programme implementation to the UNCT.

Inter-agency Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Technical Advisory Group


The Inter-agency Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Advisory Group (M&E Group) will provide     technical and advisory support to the IAPT and UN Pillar Groups in the monitoring of the One Programme. The M&E group will also oversee Annual Reviews, Mid-Term evaluations and other tasks listed in the M&E schedule. The M&E Group Convener is a member of the IAPT, and M&E Group members are appointed to participate in specific UN Pillar Groups.

Operations Management Team (OMT)


The Operations Management Team (OMT) will be responsible for the design and management of all the Delivering as One components that relate to common services, premises and other operational issues, including the Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfer. In a similar manner to the IAPT, the OMT will monitor progress, identify challenges and make recommendations to the UNCT in all matters affecting UN system operations.

UN Communications Group (UNCG)


The UN Communications Group (UNCG) will implement, monitor and review the UNCT Communications Strategy. As such, the UNCG will assume overall  responsibility for promoting awareness and understanding of Delivering as One, both internally and   externally, as well as ensuring that the UN speaks with one voice on key policy issues. The UNCG will also mobilize support for the initiative among all UN staff, GoL and donors.

The Gender Theme Group (GTG)


The GTG promotes the application of gender friendly and human rights-based approaches in the work of the UN in Liberia.

At the field level, the UN has three Joint Offices, and all 15 County offices are led by Heads of Field Offices, who serve as focal points for the UN system in the Counties.