Goal 1: End Poverty

SDGs Goal 1

Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere is the primary focus of goal one. Despite it remains a major challenge, poverty eradication is the first Sustainable Development Goals. Statistics shows that over 800 million people are still living on less than 1.25 a day without access to basic services.


Africa, the world's poorest continent, has the highest population growth rate from 221 million in 1950 to 1 billion in 2009 with a high number of people living in poverty. In Sub-Sahara Africa, 40% of people live in absolute poverty. Reports suggest that the rate of poverty in Africa might increase due to food insecurity, conflict and climate change.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aims to end poverty everywhere on the globe by 2030. Achieving this goal involves increasing access to basic services, improving the living conditions of those in vulnerable situations, addressing climate change among others.


Agencies Taking Actions

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF)

World Bank (WB)

Food Agriculture Organization (FAO)

African Development Bank (AfDB)

United Nations Polulation Fund (UNFPA)