UN Trust Fund Improving Crop Production ...FAO, GoL support women group in Nimba County

Glaykwadoo Women Group launching the harvest in Bunadin, Nimba CountyGlaykwadoo Women Group launching the harvest in Bunadin, Nimba County

Monrovia-  Since its inception in 2014, the UN Human Security Trust Fund project led by FAO is touching the lives of vulnerable population in four of Liberia’s fifteen counties, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee and Maryland Counties.

With a total direct beneficiary’s case load of 15,467 households in the four counties, the project is jointly implemented by WFP, UNFPA, UNICEF, ILO, UNWomen UNMIL.

Since 2015, FAO under the joint project supports farming organizations including women and youth groups in Nimba County. Support includes low land rice production, honey production, value addition to cassava and the production of valuable local vegetables.           

In Bunadin Nimba County, the woman (Glaykwadoo Women Group) involved with lowland rice production has had two successive harvests within 2015/2016 agriculture seasons. In late November 2016, the group invited FAO and the Government to launch their third harvest of lowland rice covering eight (8) hectares.       

The women said it was no mistake that the joint project was extended to their town, “This project has been helping us to produce rice, beside the rice, we have received training, agriculture tools and seeds from FAO,” said Madam Kuo Kullah, Chairlady, Glaykwadoo Women Group with excitement in her voice.

Madam Kullah also explained that through the support of FAO, they can manage their own farm and also replicate to other community what they have learnt. “Through this project, we are helping our husbands to support the children in school, and cover up other expenses especially on food consumption.”

“Since FAO has supported this project for us, things have greatly improved with us; we have conducted three harvests and other women who were reluctant to join us are encouraged now. We are depending on the Government and FAO to support our children,” the Glaykwadoo women chairlady added.

Madam Kullah however, appealed to FAO and the Government to help rehabilitate the head dyke that has been causing serious obstacle for them. “We went to extend the farm but the water can’t permit us, the head dyke is a major problem for us here.”

Responding to the call by the women on behalf of FAO, the FAO Program Interim support assured the women that FAO remains committed to support food security in Liberia. “We are ready to support the Ministry of Agriculture to improve your production,” said Jesse Yuan.

Mr. Yuan also said the rehabilitation of the head dyke is a major priority for FAO, “We are working with the Ministry of Agriculture to quickly respond to your request.”

He commended the effort by the World Food Program (WFP) to establish the Community Grain Bank that will help to improve farmer’s production and avoid post harvest losses.