President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Commends The United Nations Liberia Country Team in Annual State of The Nation Address

President Sirleaf as she passionately delivers her Annual Message. Photo Credit: Executive MansionPresident Sirleaf as she passionately delivers her Annual Message.

Monrovia: On Monday, January 23, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf delivered her Annual State of the Nation Address to the 53rd National Legislature. Constitutionally, it is done on the third working Monday in January. This year, the 24th President of the Republic Liberia expressed special commendation to the United Nations Country Team during her last State of the Nation Address acknowledging the extensive support of the United Nations Country Team and UNMIL throughout the country.

We have, on numerous occasions, here and abroad, given due recognition and appreciation of the pivotal role which the United Nations has played in restoring and supporting the preservation of peace in Liberia. We have worked in a very complementary and mutually reinforcing manner in achieving this objective. Throughout my two terms, I have reserved a special place for weekly consultations with the Special Representatives of the United Nations Secretary-General, which allowed me to benefit immensely from the insights, concerns and advice shared” President Sirleaf highlighted.

Additionally, the President commended UN Country Team stating: “The United Nations Country Team also deserves our commendation for their contribution to our recovery efforts in the areas of their respective mandates. They have been reliable partners, sometimes indispensable to some of the successes registered. The agreed termination of the UNMIL, in March 2018, will bring this Team to the fore as the principal channel of UN collaboration in Liberia. This will mark our full return to normalcy in terms of UN representation in our country.”

The UN Country Team is expected to continue working in sustaining the peace and ensuring that the gains made are not eroded, with the UNMIL drawdown and closure. The UN Country Team is composed of sixteen specialized Agencies, Funds and Programmes including the World Bank and Africa Development Bank plays significant role in helping the government achieve its National Agenda – the Agenda for Transformation – and bringing the country thus far. These Agencies, Funds and Programmes support the Government in their respective mandates areas through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2012-2017).